Earn bitcoins through world’s first automated bitcoin trading robot

BTC robotreview  

For the past many years my focus has been on online money making opportunities. Soon after bitcoin was introduced and released as an open –source software in 2009 it was mentioned in most of the online money making niche sites. There were many sites offering free bitcoins. I was not interested in bitcoin as it was a crypto-currency. Besides the free bitcoins offered were in meagre amounts when converted to dollars. Later I began to see more of bitcoins in the form of bitcoin trading, bitcoin mining, bitcoin gambling sites etc. I started to get interested in bitcoin when I came to know that most of the bitcoin earning sites do not require any verifications or documents for releasing the bitcoins. That means we can create, earn and use bitcoins almost anonymously. Then my focus was on how to earn bitcoins as soon as possible. There were many paid to click sites and faucets sites to earn free bitcoins. These are the easiest ways to earn free bitcoins but the amount you earn is low. If you are totally new to bitcoin you can try these free sites to know the working of bitcoin. Go to this link to know more about free bitcoins. 
We can create our own bitcoins through bitcoin mining. We should have thorough knowledge about bitcoin mining before investing money into it. We can profit from bitcoin trading or binary options. But I feel it is risky because it is difficult to identify genuine sites from scam sites. Then I came to the site introducing the world’s first automated bitcoin trading robot. Truly speaking, I feel that this is one of the best ways to earn bitcoin without any difficulty. If you want to make extra income online, you should definitely try this automated bitcoin trading bot.

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Benefits of automated bitcoin trading robot

1.   Bitcoin is traded around the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year. Since there are no banks controlling it there are no limitations such as weekend holidays, bank holidays or any bank limitations on the trading time.

2.   Deposit an initial amount in bitcoin or USD. You can start as low as $100. But the more money you invest the less risky it becomes. The percentage of profit increases with higher investments.

3.   There are two options, windows version and a fully pre installed VPS version. The robot comes fully pre-installed in your web browser-based members area. Nothing to set up or configure. It is human error-free and 100 percent autopilot.

4.   It is better than forex because it is less risky and earns more profit. There are no broker spreads or ridiculous commissions. No bank regulations and fees.

5.   There are zero commissions on earnings and no profit sharing.

6.   Trade and use bitcoins almost anonymously.

7.   There is a downloadable version for windows Vista/7/8. If you are using Mac, you can use the web-based gold plan instead.

Payment Options – Credit card, bank transfer and bitcoins. You can also pay by easy installments. If you pay by installments there are only two payment options- credit card and bitcoins. If you don’t have a credit card for easy installments you can get a virtual credit card within two minutes from Entropay. Then fund your virtual credit card with ATM debit card or bank transfer. Signing up and funding the VCC requires only 5 minutes.

Plans offered

A, Silver plan -$149 one time license fee. No installments. Downloadable version for Windows Vista/7/8.

B, Gold plan - $248.00. Fully pre-installed version for one year membership. Use this version if you don’t want to install anything or keep your computer on. Windows and Mac compatible. Nothing to download or setup. Pay in installments.

C, Platinum plan - $498(unlimited). Fully pre-installed lifetime membership. Nothing to download or setup. Windows and Mac compatible. Pay in installments.

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Easiest ways to earn free bitcoin

Earn bitcoins watching ads, videos and doing simple tasks 

Here you will find a list of sites that pay in bitcoin for clicking ads, watching videos, visiting websites etc. In addition I have also added many other simple and easy ways to earn bitcoin. Try to get atleast one  hundred referrals for each site to earn more income. The payments shown for various sites below  are either  given in BTC or bits. To earn free bitcoin, firstly you should have a bitcoin address.  All  the payments  are sent  to this address. A bitcoin address will look like this.

Below given are three top sites to get a bitcoin address.

Paid to click sites

Btcclicks      One of the best bitcoin paid to click sites.  It has got both free and premium membership. Earn through direct and rented referrals. Get eighty percent referral commission. Minimum withdrawal is 0.10000mbtc.

Boxbit     Get free satoshi by selecting boxes every ten minutes. Take from box from 10 satoshi to 100100 satoshi. You get 28 chances to select boxes. Get twenty percent referral commissions.

4bc      Earnings are paid simultaneously to bitcoin, ethereum and bikercoin. Get  free promotion for your sites at 1:1 exchange ratio for surfing sites. There is both free and paid membership. Affiliates earn ten percent referral commission.

Bitptc     You can use the site anonymously or with a registered account. Payment is stored in faucet box until you reach 0.00013000 BTC.

Ads4btc     Earn upto 1300 satoshi per click. Instant withdrawals to your bitcoin wallet (min 0.001BTC) or to your paytoshi.org micro wallet (min 0.0001BTC). Earn 10percent from referrals.

Clickfor btc     Earn money by viewing ads, surveys, adgrid, contests and paid to sign ups. Earn referral commissions up to ten levels.

Refbit     Minimum payout is 0.00012000BTC. Withdrawals within 48 hours. Upto  50 percent referral click commissions.

Btcvic     Earn upto 800 satoshi per click. Minimum payout is 0.00015000. It takes upto one week to process payments. Get 50 percent of referral click earnings.

Btcvisit     Earn from 50-300 satoshi for every click. Payments are sent to your paytoshi.org account.

Coinadder     Minimum payout is 7500 satoshi to faucet box within 7 days. There is also 10 percent commission for referral clicks.

Bitter     Earn upto 0.00000510BTC per click. Earn from referral clicks. No sign is required.

Advercoins     Earn 10 percent of referral clicks. Minimum cashout is 0.0002000BTC

Earn more bitcoins visiting websites, watching videos and doing other simple tasks.

Get-paid     Earn coins by completing online surveys and tasks, playing games, watching videos and much more. Get paid with paypal, bitcoin, web money, Amazon gift card and more.

Visitbit     Get paid instantly to micro wallet.

Vidybit     Watch unlimited videos 24/7. Earn instant bitcoin for watching videos. To get instant payout use your Xapo email address. If you use a btc address you will have to earn 5430 satoshi for payout.

Bitwalking     Generate money by walking or running. You have to download an application for this. Walking dollars(w$) can be spent at bitwalking store. You can also instantly transfer funds to anyone, anywhere.

Bitcoinriddles     Earn bitcoins for solving riddles. For solving golden riddles get paid between 1000-50000 bits. For solving silver riddles earn between 1-200 bits.

Coinjabber     Earn bitcoin or other crypto currencies for reviewing websites. First sign up and go through the guidelines for reviewing sites.

Coinchat     join the chatroom and earn bitcoin while chatting. Chat on any topic and earn bits.

Bitcoinget     Earn bitcoin for doing variety of tasks like mini jobs, offers or watching  videos.Minimum payout is 500 bits.

Earn bitcoins for pasting

Paste4btc     You can post a maximum of 30 pastes in 24 hours. Minimum payout is 0.001BTC. Automatic daily withdrawal.

Pasted.co     Payout rate is 2 dollars for every 1000 visitors. Can paste other links such as adfly or linkbucks. Minimum payout is $5.00 via Paypal or bitcoin. Payment is made monthly.

Bitbin     This site allows you to store ‘pastes’ or short text snippets. Using traffic exchanges, autosurf sites or similar services to artificially inflate the number of hits is not allowed. Minimum payout is 2.5mBTC.

Pastecoin     Make money by selling pastes and promoting the pastes of the sellers.

Pastelink     Create and publish plain text containing links. It is good for getting visitors to a link. You don’t get paid for pasting unlike the other pasting sites.
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Easy ways to save and earn

Save Unlimited

Savings does not mean spending less, eating less, cheap clothes, travelling second class, hanging at home or the like. You can save money even without depriving all these things. There is no need to be a miser or live a frugal life for saving money. There is no sense in saving money if it is painful. Saving money should be an enjoyable and joyous act. So under the category ‘How to save money’ I have provided some painless ways to save money. If you use them you will not only be able to live lavishly but also can save and earn at the same time. If you are able to buy a laptop costing $650 in the market for only $350 then you are saving 300 dollars. Suppose you are able to get it hundred percent free then you are saving $650. Because of modern marketing system, people are able to buy almost all kinds of household items at reduced price or even hundred percent free. The people should have knowledge on how to find such products. If you are able to get such products you will not only be saving but also can create an impression that you live a lavish life. On this page you can find some links that leads to sources where you can spend less and buy more. Hope you will find it useful. Save money even while living life to the fullest

Note: You can even sell your surplus items on eBay. Suppose you are getting a laptop worth $650 for free, but you don’t need it because you already have one then you can sell it on eBay for the same price or a reduced price. Thereby you can earn cash instead of keeping the product you don’t need. You can use this method to earn extra income from home. 

Get free stuffGet anything free online  

Are you the person who gets tensed while shopping thinking about the expenses, budget and an empty purse? Then you should definitely go through this guide which shows you how to get anything free. You can now get things like iPad, laptops, tvs, phones, gadgets, cars, holidays, cameras, fashion clothes etc hundred percent free. Now you can get these and much more products over and over on demand. This shows you 3 simple “turbocharged” strategies which will help you in getting any brand name products completely FREE. There is no limit to the FREE stuff you can acquire! Buy this full package for only $9.00 onetime! It is applicable world-wide.

Buy cheap houses starting below $100 to $3000 each!

Do you belong to any of these categories?
1. You are an US resident.
2. You don’t have enough money to buy a house.
3. You are interested in real estate business but don’t have enough capital for investment.
4. You are interested in starting any business and also have some capital to start it. But your only problem is that you don’t know what business to do and how to do it.

If you belong to any of the categories above then you can start the lucrative real estate business by getting $50,000 to $1 million homes starting below $100 to $3000 each. After getting these homes for cheap rates you can resell them to banks, lenders and buyers for 9,999% profit! You can use it for you own purpose or can even rent it to others. Get more details here.

Get Free Passes for any Concert or Event!

Now you can start saving on entertainment too. Learn how to get free backstage passes to any shows, even sold out concerts. 100 percent guaranteed! There is a website that will teach you the proven techniques that will get you tickets to any show at no cost (it even works for sold out shows)

You'll learn everything you need to know about:

* Backstage Passes And How You Can Get Them

* Taking Photos At Concerts (Even If Others Aren't Allowed To)

* Why You'll Be Let Backstage While Others Are Turned Away

* How You Should Act Backstage

* and much more...

To get started right away simply go to the following website. You won't regret it!

Click here to download or know more

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List of 17 sites that provide proofreading jobs

Proofreading  jobs

Are you interested in online proofreading jobs? Then you should have a good standard in the concerned language, especially grammar and spelling. You should also have a high level of concentration, accuracy and attention to detail. Proof reading is an extremely responsible job as it is the final stage in the editorial process. So don’t take the job lightly. On this page you can find a list of 17 sites that pay for online proofreading jobs. You can check with those sites and learn more about the position and qualifications required. The point to be noted is that some sites may require highly qualified experts in the field, while some others may provide the same job even to newbies without experience. Firstly check with all the sites given and understand their requirements. This will make you more confident for deciding which sites you should apply first. On this page you can also go through the list of sites which provides proofreading software, online sites where you can test your proof reading skills, and sites where you can get training for proofreading.

If you are a language expert the proofreading job will be perfect for you. For getting experience you can start your proofreading career with freelance job sites or gig sites.

Freelance job sites

Gig sites

List of 17 sites that provide proofreading jobs

Below given is a list of sites that provide proofreading software. Proofreading software helps to save time by quickly checking and reviewing any spelling, grammar as well as punctuation mistakes. They also give suggested alternative words or phrases that can be used to widen your vocabulary and improve your writing. Some of them will also provide templates that will give you assistance for constructing your writing. You should not completely depend on any proofreading software because some types of errors may not be considered as a mistake by the software.

List of 5 sites which provides online 

proofreading software

List of 17 online proofreading skill testing sites

Proofreading courses :-  list of 9 sites that train 

you in proof reading

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36 sites that pay for virtual jobs

Virtual jobs

On this page I have given emphasis on home based virtual assistant jobs. Online virtual assistant jobs are mostly clerical jobs done for a company or an individual from remote. If you are good at clerical jobs and can handle work independently, you can use Facebook, twitter or any other social media account for promoting your skills. If you are allergic to social media, you can go through the list of 36 sites given below on this page which specializes in providing home based virtual assistant jobs.

Below are some examples of jobs that you would be doing as a virtual assistant. Please study them closely and decide whether you have the technical skills, knowledge and equipment (like a good laptop or desktop, high-speed unlimited broadband connection, training and so on…). If not you can acquire the skill through any online training.

Here are some typical tasks that you’ll be doing, if you’ve been hired as a Virtual Assistant.

Life Coaching, Event Planning, Project Management, Advertising, Excel, Real Estate Services, Appointments, Human Resources, Resumes / CVs, Blog Design, Internet Research, Search Engine Optimization, Blog Maintenance, Legal Assistance, Social Media, copyediting, Marketing, Taxes, Customer Service, Medical Billing, Transcription, Data Entry, Newsletter Assistance, Translation, Office Assistance, Web Design, Database Maintenance, PDF Creation, Word Processing, Word Processing, Phone Services, Editing/Proofreading, PowerPoint Presentations, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Email management, Office correspondence, Online Calendar Management / Appointment setting, Travel booking/Online purchasing, Website management, Blogging/Content Writing, Social Media Marketing and Management, Customer Service/Answering Calls, Graphic design /Logo/Brochures /Marketing collateral, Online presence and Brand Management …

I have also provided a list of 36 sites where you can find home based virtual assistant jobs. You can register to as many of them and gain some insight of the jobs listed in them and get thorough on the skills before accepting any job. If you register on many sites then you will have a continuous flow of work. You should have the ability to manage your work schedule. After starting to accept the jobs you should always keep the list of jobs you have done and how you did it and in how much time. This will help you while undertaking other future jobs.

Find out how to save and live lavishly here – Get everything free

36 sites that pay for virtual jobs

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List of 26 sites that will pay you for micro jobs

Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are simpler and easier when compared with the jobs found in micro gig sites. The pay is lesser when compared to micro gigs, usually between $0.01 and $5.00. Basically no experience is needed to do such jobs. If you are supposed to get $0.10 per task and you do 50 tasks, then you will get $5.00 without any reduction in the payment. Sometimes there is only an e currency fee. But if you are doing a micro gigs job, the owner of the site where you find the job will take a small commission. For eg: if you have completed a gig for $5.00, you will get only $4.00 or $4.50. That means if you do 50 jobs instead of getting $250.00 you will be paid only $200.00 or $225.00. Micro jobs mostly include simple jobs like signing up for a site, downloading something, completing offers, surveys, sharing or for likes in the Facebook or similar sites, following in twitter and so on.

List of 26 sites that pays for doing micro jobs

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List of 32 sites to do Micro job gigs

Micro Job Gigs

Micro gigs are micro jobs that are posted online in a micro gig site which is a marketplace for micro jobs where job providers and job seekers meet.  You can work at home any time to suit your timings. There is no need to spend time and money for travelling or advertising. There are people complaining about the low pay rate. That is because they have not gone deep into the system. I have read about people earning from $10000 to $95000 from one single gig posted in just one single gigs site. Since gig sites do the promotion of their sites there is no need for you to advertise your gigs. If you submit a unique and useful gig you can end up getting hundreds of orders for your gigs. You can post any number of gigs in a site, thus enabling you to earn thousands of dollars yearly. What if you are posting your gigs in 10 or 20 sites? Got the mathematics? Here is a list of 32 gig sites. To get an idea go through the sites and study what kinds of gigs they are offering and what kind of gigs are wanted by the people. Then register with these sites and create a gig of your own. But keep in mind that a micro gigger does not have the bargaining power so the pay is very low. The pay is usually from $5.00 to $50.00 per gig.

List of 32 sites that pays for micro job gigs







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