Earn bitcoins through world’s first automated bitcoin trading robot

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For the past many years my focus has been on online money making opportunities. Soon after bitcoin was introduced and released as an open –source software in 2009 it was mentioned in most of the online money making niche sites. There were many sites offering free bitcoins. I was not interested in bitcoin as it was a crypto-currency. Besides the free bitcoins offered were in meagre amounts when converted to dollars. Later I began to see more of bitcoins in the form of bitcoin trading, bitcoin mining, bitcoin gambling sites etc. I started to get interested in bitcoin when I came to know that most of the bitcoin earning sites do not require any verifications or documents for releasing the bitcoins. That means we can create, earn and use bitcoins almost anonymously. Then my focus was on how to earn bitcoins as soon as possible. There were many paid to click sites and faucets sites to earn free bitcoins. These are the easiest ways to earn free bitcoins but the amount you earn is low. If you are totally new to bitcoin you can try these free sites to know the working of bitcoin. Go to this link to know more about free bitcoins. 
We can create our own bitcoins through bitcoin mining. We should have thorough knowledge about bitcoin mining before investing money into it. We can profit from bitcoin trading or binary options. But I feel it is risky because it is difficult to identify genuine sites from scam sites. Then I came to the site introducing the world’s first automated bitcoin trading robot. Truly speaking, I feel that this is one of the best ways to earn bitcoin without any difficulty. If you want to make extra income online, you should definitely try this automated bitcoin trading bot.

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Benefits of automated bitcoin trading robot

1.   Bitcoin is traded around the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year. Since there are no banks controlling it there are no limitations such as weekend holidays, bank holidays or any bank limitations on the trading time.

2.   Deposit an initial amount in bitcoin or USD. You can start as low as $100. But the more money you invest the less risky it becomes. The percentage of profit increases with higher investments.

3.   There are two options, windows version and a fully pre installed VPS version. The robot comes fully pre-installed in your web browser-based members area. Nothing to set up or configure. It is human error-free and 100 percent autopilot.

4.   It is better than forex because it is less risky and earns more profit. There are no broker spreads or ridiculous commissions. No bank regulations and fees.

5.   There are zero commissions on earnings and no profit sharing.

6.   Trade and use bitcoins almost anonymously.

7.   There is a downloadable version for windows Vista/7/8. If you are using Mac, you can use the web-based gold plan instead.

Payment Options – Credit card, bank transfer and bitcoins. You can also pay by easy installments. If you pay by installments there are only two payment options- credit card and bitcoins. If you don’t have a credit card for easy installments you can get a virtual credit card within two minutes from Entropay. Then fund your virtual credit card with ATM debit card or bank transfer. Signing up and funding the VCC requires only 5 minutes.

Plans offered

A, Silver plan -$149 one time license fee. No installments. Downloadable version for Windows Vista/7/8.

B, Gold plan - $248.00. Fully pre-installed version for one year membership. Use this version if you don’t want to install anything or keep your computer on. Windows and Mac compatible. Nothing to download or setup. Pay in installments.

C, Platinum plan - $498(unlimited). Fully pre-installed lifetime membership. Nothing to download or setup. Windows and Mac compatible. Pay in installments.

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