36 sites that pay for virtual jobs

Virtual jobs

On this page I have given emphasis on home based virtual assistant jobs. Online virtual assistant jobs are mostly clerical jobs done for a company or an individual from remote. If you are good at clerical jobs and can handle work independently, you can use Facebook, twitter or any other social media account for promoting your skills. If you are allergic to social media, you can go through the list of 36 sites given below on this page which specializes in providing home based virtual assistant jobs.

Below are some examples of jobs that you would be doing as a virtual assistant. Please study them closely and decide whether you have the technical skills, knowledge and equipment (like a good laptop or desktop, high-speed unlimited broadband connection, training and so on…). If not you can acquire the skill through any online training.

Here are some typical tasks that you’ll be doing, if you’ve been hired as a Virtual Assistant.

Life Coaching, Event Planning, Project Management, Advertising, Excel, Real Estate Services, Appointments, Human Resources, Resumes / CVs, Blog Design, Internet Research, Search Engine Optimization, Blog Maintenance, Legal Assistance, Social Media, copyediting, Marketing, Taxes, Customer Service, Medical Billing, Transcription, Data Entry, Newsletter Assistance, Translation, Office Assistance, Web Design, Database Maintenance, PDF Creation, Word Processing, Word Processing, Phone Services, Editing/Proofreading, PowerPoint Presentations, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Email management, Office correspondence, Online Calendar Management / Appointment setting, Travel booking/Online purchasing, Website management, Blogging/Content Writing, Social Media Marketing and Management, Customer Service/Answering Calls, Graphic design /Logo/Brochures /Marketing collateral, Online presence and Brand Management …

I have also provided a list of 36 sites where you can find home based virtual assistant jobs. You can register to as many of them and gain some insight of the jobs listed in them and get thorough on the skills before accepting any job. If you register on many sites then you will have a continuous flow of work. You should have the ability to manage your work schedule. After starting to accept the jobs you should always keep the list of jobs you have done and how you did it and in how much time. This will help you while undertaking other future jobs.

36 sites that pay for virtual jobs

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