39 sites that pay for translation jobs

Translation jobs

Translation job is the best job for people proficient in at least two languages. Even professionals not related to translation like engineers, lawyers, teachers etc are doing translation jobs. Usually it is regarded that the pay for translation job is low especially for the newbies. Experienced translators do admit that it takes from one year to a few years to get established in this field. But my point is that then why do professionals from other fields where they are supposed to get better pay enter into the translation field. Then why do they undergo more and more training to improve their translation skills. It simply means that it is a good field where anyone can find a bright future. The demand for translators is increasing day by day. You can even make a blog or a site and promote your services. Apart from translation if you are good at teaching then you can add teaching languages also as your expertise. If you are intending to promote translation services through your blog or site then firstly you have to promote your site. If you are not good at online marketing then you can use some paid services for promoting your site. I have included here a list of 39 sites that pay for translation.

 Some useful tips for translators

1.    You should never accept a job if you know that you can’t do it perfectly.
2.    Before getting established as a translator, you can rely on language teaching jobs as a side or part time job.
3.    Enough time should be allotted for proof reading.
4.    Register with as many translation agencies as you can. It will help to get continuous flow of work
5.    Use computer assisted translation tools(CAT Tools)


     Here are some links to CAT tools


List of 39 sites that pay for translation jobs 

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