Easy ways to save and earn

Save Unlimited

Savings does not mean spending less, eating less, cheap clothes, travelling second class, hanging at home or the like. You can save money even without depriving all these things. There is no need to be a miser or live a frugal life for saving money. There is no sense in saving money if it is painful. Saving money should be an enjoyable and joyous act. So under the category ‘How to save money’ I have provided some painless ways to save money. If you use them you will not only be able to live lavishly but also can save and earn at the same time. If you are able to buy a laptop costing $650 in the market for only $350 then you are saving 300 dollars. Suppose you are able to get it hundred percent free then you are saving $650. Because of modern marketing system, people are able to buy almost all kinds of household items at reduced price or even hundred percent free. The people should have knowledge on how to find such products. If you are able to get such products you will not only be saving but also can create an impression that you live a lavish life. On this page you can find some links that leads to sources where you can spend less and buy more. Hope you will find it useful. Save money even while living life to the fullest.

List of 17 sites that provide proofreading jobs

Proofreading  jobs

Are you interested in online proofreading jobs? Then you should have a good standard in the concerned language, especially grammar and spelling. You should also have a high level of concentration, accuracy and attention to detail. Proof reading is an extremely responsible job as it is the final stage in the editorial process. So don’t take the job lightly. On this page you can find a list of 17 sites that pay for online proofreading jobs. You can check with those sites and learn more about the position and qualifications required. The point to be noted is that some sites may require highly qualified experts in the field, while some others may provide the same job even to newbies without experience. Firstly check with all the sites given and understand their requirements. This will make you more confident for deciding which sites you should apply first. On this page you can also go through the list of sites which provides proofreading software, online sites where you can test your proof reading skills, and sites where you can get training for proofreading.

36 sites that pay for virtual jobs

Virtual jobs

On this page I have given emphasis on home based virtual assistant jobs. Online virtual assistant jobs are mostly clerical jobs done for a company or an individual from remote. If you are good at clerical jobs and can handle work independently, you can use Facebook, twitter or any other social media account for promoting your skills. If you are allergic to social media, you can go through the list of 36 sites given below on this page which specializes in providing home based virtual assistant jobs. 

List of 26 sites that will pay you for micro jobs

Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are simpler and easier when compared with the jobs found in micro gig sites. The pay is lesser when compared to micro gigs, usually between $0.01 and $5.00. Basically no experience is needed to do such jobs. If you are supposed to get $0.10 per task and you do 50 tasks, then you will get $5.00 without any reduction in the payment. Sometimes there is only an e currency fee. But if you are doing a micro gigs job, the owner of the site where you find the job will take a small commission. For eg: if you have completed a gig for $5.00, you will get only $4.00 or $4.50. That means if you do 50 jobs instead of getting $250.00 you will be paid only $200.00 or $225.00. Micro jobs mostly include simple jobs like signing up for a site, downloading something, completing offers, surveys, sharing or for likes in the Facebook or similar sites, following in twitter and so on.

List of 32 sites to do Micro job gigs

Micro Job Gigs

Micro gigs are micro jobs that are posted online in a micro gig site which is a marketplace for micro jobs where job providers and job seekers meet.  You can work at home any time to suit your timings. There is no need to spend time and money for travelling or advertising. There are people complaining about the low pay rate. That is because they have not gone deep into the system. I have read about people earning from $10000 to $95000 from one single gig posted in just one single gigs site. Since gig sites do the promotion of their sites there is no need for you to advertise your gigs. If you submit a unique and useful gig you can end up getting hundreds of orders for your gigs. You can post any number of gigs in a site, thus enabling you to earn thousands of dollars yearly. What if you are posting your gigs in 10 or 20 sites? Got the mathematics? Here is a list of 32 gig sites. To get an idea go through the sites and study what kinds of gigs they are offering and what kind of gigs are wanted by the people. Then register with these sites and create a gig of your own. But keep in mind that a micro gigger does not have the bargaining power so the pay is very low. The pay is usually from $5.00 to $50.00 per gig.

Top 71 sites that pay for online freelance jobs

Online Freelance Jobs

Online freelance job is a boon to today’s world which our predecessors could not enjoy. There are many sites which act as a marketplace for job seekers and job providers. They connect freelance professionals from around the world. Some sites are free to join while others accept a small subscription fee. Freelancers can register to these sites with or without subscription fee. After registering with these sites freelancers can bid on projects posted by the employers. If you are a freelancer, you can also advertise to employers, showcase your portfolio or even promote your website through these sites.

39 sites that pay for translation jobs

Translation jobs

Translation job is the best job for people proficient in at least two languages. Even professionals not related to translation like engineers, lawyers, teachers etc are doing translation jobs. Usually it is regarded that the pay for translation job is low especially for the newbies. Experienced translators do admit that it takes from one year to a few years to get established in this field. But my point is that then why do professionals from other fields where they are supposed to get better pay enter into the translation field. Then why do they undergo more and more training to improve their translation skills. It simply means that it is a good field where anyone can find a bright future. The demand for translators is increasing day by day. You can even make a blog or a site and promote your services. Apart from translation if you are good at teaching then you can add teaching languages also as your expertise. If you are intending to promote translation services through your blog or site then firstly you have to promote your site. If you are not good at online marketing then you can use some paid services for promoting your site. I have included here a list of 39 sites that pay for translation.